Camp Wintergreen – Daily Schedule


    • A typical day at CWG consists of: playtime, snack time, playtime, quiet time (including brushing, tummy rubbing, and general ear scratching good fun)Lunch (as need, to be provided by our pets parents), a rest after the half day pick up window, playtime, and more playtime
    • Clean water, fresh from our artesian wells, is always available.
    • Toys, dishes, and play structures are cleaned and disinfected daily.
    • At rest time, each camper has her own individual area with a platform bed where she can relax & recharge for the next play time!
    • Activities: CWG offers a variety of activities, including “Spaw” Days, monthly birthday celebrations, holiday events, frisbee, pool time in the summer, and plenty of playtime with our other campers.