A modern pet care center founded in 1974 to fill the need for quality boarding kennels in Western Massachusetts


The Dog Boarding Kennel:

Every dog has a combination indoor and outdoor pen. In the warmer months, dogs have access to both sections as they please from open in the morning until close in at night. A plexiglass door on a pully system separates the sections and can be raised or lowered as needed. In the colder months, we adjust the dogs outdoor access depending on weather and let them out for routine run time to get some exercise and to use the bathroom. A combination of exhaust, ceiling, and overhead fans keep the pets cool in the summer. In the colder months, radiant floor heat and overhead units warm the building, even when pups have their doggie doors open. The kennel is cleaned and disinfected daily with a variety of ecofriendly disinfectants.

We do not provide bedding, however, you are welcome to bring anything in from home that you would like us to put in your pups run. While most bedding goes home in the same condition it arrived in, please understand, that we may need to toss bedding for safety and sanitary reasons. We do not recommend bringing a favorite or expensive bed for this reason. Kuranda beds, a platform like cot, are available to rent for $1.50 per day. There are a wide variety of kennel safe toys available to use free of charge, so we ask that you do not bring any personal toys from home.

A security perimeter fence completely surrounds the dog boarding facility and TLC exercise yards. The kennel is protected by both fire and burglar alarm systems



The Cattery:

The Cattery consists of three bright and airy climate controlled rooms, and is cleaned daily. Each “Kitty Condo” is divided into four sections with room for eating, privacy, resting and stretching. We provide a litterbox and litter, free of charge for the length of your cats stay.



Feeding and Medication:

For Dogs: We feed Iams Mini Chunk (Chicken Based) and Iams Lamb and Rice dry food in house, for no additional cost. If you prefer, or if your pet has special dietary restrictions, we recommend bringing in their own food from home. Should you be bringing food from home, we ask that you pack an extra meal or two in case of any travel delays or changes in your plans. We also carry the Triumph beef flavored canned food that is available for an additional charge, if requested.

For Cats: We feed Iams Mini Chunk (Chicken Based) dry food in house, for no additional cost. We also carry Fancy Feast canned food in a variety of flavors that is available for an additional charge, if requested.

We are able to adminster all types of medication to our guests, with the exception of anything administered via cutaneous injection 


Included in our daily boarding rate is a TLC, or Tender Loving Care session each day for your pet! A TLC session is 15 – 20 minutes of individual playtime with a member of our staff. For more information on our TLC program click here

Report Cards:

Every night during your pet’s stay you will receive an emailed report card that will let you know how your pet’s stay is going! Report cards include the pet’s temperament, bathroom log, how they have been eating, what they did during their TLC session, as well as photos from it. If there any minor incidents or notes, those will be attached to your pets report card as well.

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