TLC Program

TLC is an individual exercise/attention program. It is designed to help make your pets’ visit more fun. Each of our canine & feline guests receive a tender loving care (TLC) session each day one-on-one with a member of our staff. TLC is extremely flexible, in the activities and frequency. We keep detailed reports of your pups favorite activities and toys to personalize each session. Be sure to check your pets’ report card to see what they enjoyed on TLC and see a picture from the day! One TLC session is included each day with boarding and additional TLC times can be added to your dog or cat’s stay at a cost of $12.00 per session.

DOGS enjoy off-lead playtime in one of our large enclosed exercise yards, where they can play fetch, run laps, play tag, or simply cuddle. In the summer we set up kiddie pools that pups can splash in. Dogs that prefer a walk can also go for on-lead walks through the fields and orchards of our 95 acre farm.

CATS spend time with a staff member in a living room setting. There they can snuggle on the sofa, watch the fishes swim, exercise with the scratch poles or play with a variety of toys.