TLC ( Tender Loving Care )

TLC or Tender Loving Care is our individualized exercise and playtime program. As part of the daily boarding rate, each guest receives a Tender Loving Care session every day of their stay. Not only is the playtime aspect of TLC important, but it helps us bond with each of our guests, helping them to relax and feel more at home during their visits.

Each TLC session is 15 to 20 minutes in length and is catered to your pet’s preferences. We keep detailed reports of your pet’s favorite activities and toys to personalize each session and make the most of our time with them. Additionally, daily photos from TLC are added onto your pet’s nightly report card!

Additional TLC sessions can be added at any point during your pet’s stay with us for $14/session. The frequency of additional TLC sessions is entirely up to you! We have some parents who add on multiple sessions each day and others who add an additional session sporadically. Just let our office staff know what you would like and we can make that happen! Please note that during the summer and over holiday breaks, we do not allow more than 5 additional TLC sessions to be added per day per pet due to the overall volume of guests.   


Enjoy fetch, frisbee, and exploring off-lead in one of our three enclosed exercise yards. During the warmer months, we have several pools for pups to splash around in to beat the summer heat. For pups that prefer walks, we have over 95 acres of family owned farm land that your pets can explore on leash. Should the weather not be conducive for outdoor play, we have two spacious indoor play rooms that can be utilized for your pups playtime. Whether it is off leash time chasing after the ball or a walk through the orchards, we can guarantee your pup will have a blast out on TLC!


For our feline friends – we have a cozy living room style setup complete with an arm chair, scratching posts, and multiple cat towers. We have a wide variety of interactive cat toys, catnip, and treats to keep your cat cozy and comfortable during their visit!