Camp Wintergreen


  • CWG is open from 7am to 6pm. Monday – Friday.
  • Full day daycare dogs can be dropped off at 7-9am and picked up at 4-6pm.
  • Half day (AM) dogs can be dropped off at 7-9am and picked up at 11-12pm.
  • Half day (PM) dogs can be dropped off at 1-2 PM and picked up at 4-6pm.
  • Please note: daycare hours differ from Kennel Hours.

Click here for CWG’s 2022 Calendar

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A Day at Camp

  • A typical day at CWG consists of: playtime, snack time, playtime, quiet time (including brushing, tummy rubbing, and general ear scratching good fun), lunch (as need, to be provided by our pets parents), a rest after the half day pick up window, playtime, and more playtime.
  • Clean water, fresh from our artesian wells, is always available.
  • Toys, dishes, and play structures are cleaned and disinfected daily.
  • At rest time, each camper has her own individual area with a platform bed where she can relax & recharge for the next play time!
  • Activities: CWG offers a variety of activities, including “Spaw” Days, monthly birthday celebrations, holiday events, frisbee, pool time in the summer, and plenty of playtime with our other campers.



  • All dogs must be healthy & up to date on their vaccines: Rabies, Distemper, Lepto, and Bordetella.
  • All of our campers must be on flea and tick control year round.
  • All campers must be spayed or neutered, after 7 months of age
  • All dogs must be temperament tested by our staff before being admitted into the CWG program. The screening fee is $20 per an animal and takes approximately two hours. We ask that parents not be present for the initial testing, as it will affect the dog’s behavior.

Application Process

We will ask you to fill out an application which can be picked up in person or downloaded here. Once the application is complete, we’ll set up a temperament assessment, and then the fun can begin!


CWG Rates


  • We have honed our nearly forty years of animal care experience through extensive staff training: each staff member has attended seminars on animal behavior and is trained in canine safety and first aid.
  • Our maximum dog to staff ration is 10:1. Dogs are broken up into groups based on size and activity level.
  • All our camp yards are six feet high. We have introduction areas, as well as private pens within the camp yards to quickly separate pups in case issues arise.
  • We use positive, reward based training to reinforce good play habits