Camp Wintergreen

At Camp Wintergreen, we provide a proactive and hands on approach to daycare for dogs. Safety is our top priority while providing a positive environment for your pup to socialize and play with others. We keep our camper to counselor ratio lower than most facilities in the area in order to provide the safest experience possible. Additionally, all of our counselors carry a variety of safety equipment and are trained in reading dog behavior and body language. This helps counselors maintain control over the group and can easily make adjustments as needed for everyone’s well being. We require all potential campers to have a temperament assessment prior to entry to ensure that the daycare environment is the right fit for them. Our counselors will treat your pup as an individual within the greater group and help to make Camp Wintergreen a positive experience for all of its guests. 

A Day at Camp

A day at camp consists of a wide variety of activities. During the outdoor season, campers have access to an expansive play yard enclosed by industry grade six foot fencing. Campers will have the chance to play games, chase after balls and frisbees, take a dip in the pool on warm summer days, and relax in the sun. Your dogs home duties as watchdog, protector, house alarm, and cheerio cleaner-upper are left at the gate. Once inside, it is time to relax, have fun, and just be a dog. During the colder months, camp moves indoors to our climate controlled play rooms. Campers will still have access to more toys then they could ever hope for, while still having room to get the zoomies and chase after their friends! Campers have access to fresh water throughout the day and treats are given to those without dietary restrictions or food protective behaviors.

While our counselors regulate breaks for active and younger campers as needed throughout the day, our Full Day guests have a designated lunch hour to rest. During lunch time, each camper has their own spacious combination indoor and outdoor run complete. If lunch is provided or requested, campers receive their meal at this point. We offer the Iams Mini Chunk (chicken based) and Iams Lamb and Rice dry kibble free of charge.


Camp Wintergreen is open Monday thru Friday each week from 7 AM until 6 PM, with the exception of our lunch break each day from Noon to 1 PM and noted holidays.

Please note that Camp Wintergreen hours differ from Wintergreen Kennels Boarding Facility

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Drop off for Full Day and Half Day AM Session campers is between 7 and 9 AM

Pickup for Half Day AM Session campers is between 11 AM and Noon

Drop off for Half Day PM Session campers is between 1 and 2 PM

Pickup for Full Day and Half Day PM Session campers is between 4 and 6 PM


All campers must be current on four vaccinations to participate in camp activities: Rabies, Distemper, Bordetella, and Leptospirosis

Campers must be in good health. Injuries will be assessed by Camp Staff to determine if the camper will still be eligible while hurt. For any illnesses, we ask that campers stay home until cleared by their veterinarian out of an abundance of caution. We ask that owners keep an open and ongoing dialogue with us regarding their pets health during their time in camp. 

After seven months of age, we require that campers be spayed or neutered

All dogs must be temperament assessed by our staff before being admitted into Camp Wintergreen. The screening fee is $20 per an animal and takes approximately two hours. We ask that parents not be present for this process, as it can affect the dog’s behavior.

Application Process

PLEASE NOTE: As of June 2023 – Camp Wintergreen is at capacity and is no longer accepting new Daycare clients. If you would like to be put on a waitlist, please give our office a call, however, we cannot guarantee availability. Overnight Boarding, Day Boarding, and Grooming services are still available through Wintergreen Kennels.

To begin the setup process for getting your pet(s) into Camp Wintergreen, we ask that you fill out one of our detailed applications. Applications can be picked up at our office or downloaded here. Once it has been completed and submitted to us, we will reach out about setting up a temperament assessment.


Camp Wintergreen Rates


We have honed our nearly fifty years of animal care experience through extensive staff training. Each counselor has completed an instructional course on animal behavior and body language in both one on one and group settings. Additionally, all staff at The Wintergreen Kennels is trained in pet safety and first aid.

Camp Wintergreen operates at ten campers to one counselor per group. While it is a smaller ratio then other facilities we feel it is of the utmost importance to supervise and handle the entire group at a moments notice for everyone’s safety and well being. Dogs may be split into smaller groups throughout the day based on their activity level as needed.

All of our daycare play yards have six foot tall perimeter fencing, additionally the chain link portion extends over a foot into the ground in case of any quick diggers. Each yard has an introduction area as well as private pens interior pens to quickly separate pups if an issue comes up. 

Counselors are all equipped with walkie talkies, pet safe citronella safety spray, and an airhorn in case of emergencies. 

FAQ Section

Do you work on any training during camp?

While we do not have any obedience or behavioral training, we do work on the basics as needed such as leash manners, sit, and stay. We do ask that campers have at least some recall skills before attending camp for safety purposes.


What happens if my pet’s assessment does not go well?

While we would love for daycare to be for every pup, that is unfortunately not the case. After each assessment, staff fill out a detailed form and go over the results with you at pickup. Should the counselor feel as though the issues could improve over time, we offer two additional assessments free of charge at later dates. Alternatively, we off a two individualized day boarding options. 


We just adopted a dog, can we sign them up for daycare?

Congratulations on getting a new pet! We recommend waiting at least one month after adopting a new dog into your family before assessing them for daycare. The adoption process can be very overwhelming for them, and even more so if you do not know their history. Adding another new environment and group dynamic to the mix can prove to be too much at first. It is much better to wait until your new pup has a solid footing and confidence level at their new home. 


What do you do in the summer to help keep the campers cool?

Regardless of the season, campers always have access to fresh water while out in camp. In addition to the shade provided by surrounding trees, we also have a pavilion that shades almost a quarter of the play yard. Whenever the weather is above 75 degrees Fahrenheit and sunny, we have fresh water pools out for the pups to splash around in. Our combination indoor outdoor lunch runs have a UV protectant fiberglass roofing over the outside portion, while the indoor portion has overhead, exhaust, and roof fans that constantly circulate fresh air throughout the building. Should the heat index for the day reach 100 degrees Fahrenheit or higher, camp will be closed out of an abundance of caution for both our staff and campers well being.

Do you close for snow or inclement weather?

We are frequently checking in on any incoming storms to ensure that camp will be safe, not only for our campers but for our staff who are driving in. Snow storms are assessed on a case by case basis. Should we feel it necessary to cancel camp, scheduled customers will receive a phone call to the number we have on file the night prior, unless the forecast changes drastically overnight.

If you have any other questions that may not have been covered, please do not hesitate to give us a call, the Camp Counselor phone number is 413-888-8725. Alternatively, we can be reached at The Wintergreen Kennel’s office during their hours of operation at 413-562-9478