When hiring for a specific role, we advertise employment opportunities on Indeed as well as our Facebook Page. If we do not have anything posted, we still recommend coming in to fill out an application.

Applications can be picked up at The Wintergreen Kennels Boarding office during office hours or downloaded here. We ask that all applicants, regardless of position be 16 years of age or older.

Position Types at The Wintergreen Kennels

Kennel Assistant/Aide

Kennel aides are responsible for cleaning the kennel, caring for, and providing “TLC” to all our animal guests. Aides should work well independently and as well as with others. The position requires a high attention to detail. Aides work closely with cats and dogs and should enjoy working with animals and have a strong knowledge of animal behavior. Kennel aides may be asked to assist in kennel maintenance, including but not limited to: painting fences, pen repair, and general grounds work. Kennel aides are expected to perform varying physical tasks such as but not limited to intensive cleaning and lifting upwards of 50 lbs. As representatives of Wintergreen Kennels, Aides are expected to be neat in physical appearance and pleasant to customers. Direct handling and care of ranging volumes of guests, ensuring that all are healthy and happy. Basic knowledge of the Gingr OS as taught during the onboarding process. 

Daycare Counselor

Provide, monitor, and promote a positive and beneficial play group environment to all guests. Strong understanding of dog behavior, communication, and play styles. Administering general first aide as needed. Provide personal and positive customer interactions with all of our campers parents. Basic understanding of scheduling, administering schedule as well as vaccination reminders. Follow through with assigned protocol as well as the ability to administer behavior modification plans for dogs who do not fall within standard behaviors. Basic knowledge of the Gingr OS as taught during the onboarding process

Lead Daycare Counselor

In addition to the roles of the Daycare Counselor position, Lead Daycare Counselors oversee and manage all aspects of day to day operations on a weekly basis. Require the ability to train, enforce protocol, and answer any questions new or existing counselors may have. Ensure that daily operations are followed to protocol standards and counselors are proactive in their approach to group management. Prepare vaccination reminders for all active clients and scheduling handouts for non regular clients. Ensure that the operation is providing the highest possible level of care to all guests. Requires a moderate understanding of the Gingr OS

Front End Receptionist

Front end receptionists for the kennel interact with customers in person and over the phone to ensure that boarding and daycare reservations as well as grooming appointments are put into Gingr correctly and accurately. Direct role in the check in and out process for our boarding guests and occasionally helping with daycare staff with that process during busy periods. During check in, staff ensures that all information regarding a pets stay is correct such as contact information, feeding/medication schedules, any additional needs or desires from the customer is met. Check out ensures accurate handling of the financial side in the computer as well as providing a detailed overview of the pets stay to the owners. Front end staff are responsible for administering meals, medication, and updating reports pertaining to those tasks. Requires an in-depth knowledge of the Gingr OS.